Porn, in simpler terms, means showcasing naked videos and content in order to satisfy the sexual desires and needs of an individual. Every person has a different viewpoint on porn. Some say it is detrimental to the interests of society, while others say there is no such impact on the interests and health of society. As we all know, sex is the biological need of an individual. Without sex, there is no creation of society. It is correctly stated that each thing has its own pros and cons. Similarly, porn has advantages and disadvantages. Porn has an adverse effect on the health of an individual. This article provides a general overview of porn and its impact on health.

Pornographic Benefits

Watching porn is again a personal affair. The effect of porn on your health completely depends on the things that you watch in porn. Porn helps in satisfying certain fantasies of an individual. Watching porn can provide an individual with certain ideas that can stimulate an individual’s sexual desire and interest. It would help in finding a way to develop things like different positions, sex toys, etc., which would lead to higher satisfaction for the partner. Porn sometimes helps in giving a complete knowledge of sexual fantasies and activities. People always think that watching porn is a bad thing. It should be the compulsive personality of the person where the problem lies.

The impact of porn on the health of an individual

It is evidenced by various research studies and experiments that watching porn leads to an adverse effect on the health of an individual. It is established that watching porn leads to deterioration and reduces the memory power of the person. It has a direct effect on the brain of the person. Watching porn leads to poor and negative body image. Porn leads to an addiction or the person’s sexual activities. It also had an adverse effect on the mental and physical health of the person. It is an important question to answer Is porn harmful?

It reduces the grey matter in the brain, which is clearly an indicator of reduced memory power. It is right to say that porn showcases exclusive sexual content like anal sex, oral sex, double penetration etc. The viewer who is watching porn may develop a tendency towards violent sexual behaviour in order to appease their sexual desires. Pornstars showcasing the content do not do it by their own choice; they are highly paid for performing this content. A viewer who is watching porn may force its partners to engage in highly sexual activities like oral sex, etc.


Porn is a highly personal matter, and whether or not one watches it is entirely up to the individual. Its impact on health will largely depend on the behaviour of an individual. If the viewer had been sexually victimised or had past traumas, then it would have adverse effects on the health and mind of an individual. Watching porn is a personal choice, but watching it continuously and developing it as a compulsive personality will deter the health of an individual.